Kindle KOA2 (Kindle Oasis, 9th generation, 2017)


Table of Contents

Firmware versions

The process described here applies to only two firmware versions.
If the Kindle has either of these versions installed when first taken out of the box:
Then this process should work.

Highly recommended

To retain control of the Kindle firmware version, in the topmost visible level of USB storage, add the OTA blocking directory name. The blocking directory name is:
Use that exact name, no additional extension.
There is no guarantee that this will block the download of an OTA update.
There have not been any firmware versions reported (yet) that can over-ride this blocking.
It is possible that Amazon/Lab126 will change this situation at any time, without notice.


The following changes are all in support of recovering the Kindle should start-up problems occur.
Each can prevent the export of USB storage until a touch screen action is taken. Most start-up problems occur before the touch screen is up and working.

Install a Factory Use Only firmware build

The firmware version numbers before and after this step are not significant.
The use of the word Update means the label on the button in the settings menu, it does not describe the action performed.
  1. Download the firmware image that was intended to only be used on the factory production line: Factory-
  2. md5sum: 18624db8c1838ec2b5b8bfb3406ac041
  3. Place in the topmost visible level of USB storage.
  4. Remove USB cable.
  5. Home -> Menu -> Settings -> Menu -> Update (Your Kindle - UYK)
  6. Wait.
    Do not panic. This factory image package may take as long as 5 minutes to install.

Install Device Jail Break

Customer firmware versions other than the two listed above can not (yet) be jail broken.
Do not let your PC open the archive or otherwise convert it to a safe archive. The archive content structure makes it a tar bomb, it is suppose to be a tar bomb, that is what makes it work. Owners of MacOS systems should be aware that the default settings will open and convert this archive to a safe archive, which prevents it from working as intended.
  1. md5sum: 8d4ef0528bc1d72576b890a72840780a
    This value will match if the download was without error and if your PC has not tried to safely re-pack it.
  2. Place in topmost visible level of USB storage.
  3. Safely remove the USB cable.
  4. In the search bar of the home screen, enter:
    The semi-colon is part of the command and the command is case sensitive.
  5. Did you have a JailBroken document appear on your Kindle?

Install the Jailbreak Survival Code

This package has also been known as the hotfix package.
This installs both the Bridge Code that auto-reinstalls the device jailbreak and it installs the application keys required to run some of the add-in applications.
  1. Download the Jailbreak Survival Code
  2. md5sum: 19857c59d350470afff27f4249be8bac
  3. Place in the topmost visible level of USB storage.
  4. Safely remove the USB cable.
  5. Home -> Menu -> Settings -> Menu -> Update (Your Kindle - UYK)
  6. Watch the screen while waiting.
    The wait should only be that involved in any package installation.

Update to consumer firmware

The currently posted Oasis-2 firmware versions by Amazon are:


Any other update_*.bin name format package used must be re-installed after an Amazon update.
Only the Device Jail Break and components of the Jail Break Survival Code are auto-reinstalled.
In the usual case, KUAL extensions do not need to be re-installed, but if anything seems to be broken, re-install it.

Experimental KOA2 Packages

All of these packages are built to install using the UYK (Update Your Kindle) menu entry.
The Mobileread Package Installer (MrPI) is not required for installing these packages.

9.1 Available

9.2 Packaging Tools

Tools and utilities for the examination and maintenance of update_*.bin packages.

9.3 KUAL Extensions

Since a usable version of KUAL does not exist, KUAL extensions must be started using the searchbar command: ;log runme along with a custom script in USB storage.
A collection of “” scripts is being made in this thread: Collection of runme scripts